March 6, 2022 - Douglas Myser

Tax Resolution critical with IRS backlog. It looks like the IRS will send a second team of clerical workers to work on the backlog of unprocessed tax returns from the last filing season, that some estimates say is nearly 12 million tax returns. To make the matters worse, the IRS is updating the most outdated computer system in the entire government, has had to deal with administering the stimulus program, and just had two Presidents, issue tax code changes, which it then had to implement. That is a recipe for a slow, drawn out tax filing season, and delays in getting out tax refunds. Tax Resolution critical with IRS backlog.

Even in this environment, taxpayers are still trying to get past tax returns filed, and find options for dealing with past due taxes. The problem is that in this current environment, just getting thru to the IRS is near impossible. The IRS Taxpayer Advocate recently stated that last year, only 12 percent of taxpayers were able to get through on the IRS phone system. Yet, when you call a Tax Resolution Company, you can cut through the red tape of the IRS Bureaucracy and move your case along, as fast as possible, given the Covid slowdowns at the government. A good Tax firm can order your tax transcripts and obtain them, by utilizing the IRS Tax Practitioner line, only available to tax professionals, and move your case along to completion.

Whether you are facing an IRS Wage Garnishment, or want to determine your options for dealing with your tax debt, including looking at the IRS Fresh Start Program, rest assured that can be accomplished. The first step is to make contact 1-888-689-7861, and explain your situation, then the "Tax History" will be ordered up, then a Resolution of your tax case can be made, including determining every option available for determining whether you qualify for a reduction in your tax debt.