December 18, 2022 - Douglas Myser


IRS already adding more personnel. In IRS bulletin IR-2022-191, the Internal Revenue Service stated that significant progress was being made in preparation for the 2023 tax filing season, as the IRS has now hired over 4,000 additional workers, specifically to work on tax returns. These assistors were hired over the last several months, and have gone thru training to prepare for their role at the IRS, which will mainly be in assisting taxpayers with questions, answering the phones, and the filing of tax returns. IRS already adding more personnel.

When the original strain of Covid hit, the IRS shut down for nearly 7 months and fell behind by nearly 26 million tax returns. They also put the opening of mail on hold, and fell behind nearly 28 million pieces of mail. They then stopped Collection Notices usually sent out to taxpayers who have unfiled returns, or past due amounts. All the mail and past due returns will be caught up by early 2023, and the IRS Commissioner stated that Collection Notices will begin again in early 2023.


With the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, the Biden Administration and Congress, have unfused the IRS with $87 billion in additional funding to replace old computers and revamp the agency, into the aggressive Collection Unit it used to be. Taxpayers who have Unfiled Tax Returns and have a past due tax debt would be well advised to seek out a good Tax Resolution Company and get their tax situation handled, prior to the IRS issuing a IRS Wage Garnishment or Tax Lien to collect.

A good Tax Resolution firm can file all Past Due Tax Returns, then determine your options for dealing with the Tax Debt you have, and provide you with permanent Tax Relief. By the spring of 2023 the IRS will be at full strength again, and CP Collection Notices will start going out en mass to citizens.