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Is Tithing Tax Deductible?

Have you ever wondered if your tithes and offerings to a religious institution are tax deductible? It's a question that many individuals of faith have had, especially when it comes to their annual tax filing. Tithing, the act of giving one-tenth o... Read More

Is a New Roof Tax Deductible?

As a homeowner, your roof is not only an important structural component of your house but also a major investment. It protects you and your family from the elements, adds to the curb appeal of your property, and can even increase its value.However... Read More

Are Girl Scout Cookies Tax Deductible?

You've just been approached by cute Girl Scouts asking if you would like to purchase some delicious cookies. You can't seem to help yourself but to buy some Samoas and Thin Mints! However, you start wondering whether this can be considered as a ch... Read More

Is Child Support Tax Deductible?

Are you struggling to figure out if you can write off your child support payments on your taxes? It can be confusing and frustrating trying to navigate the complicated tax laws around child support.  Dealing with child support payments can be... Read More

Do You Get Taxed More for Overtime?

Putting in extra hours at work has its pros and cons. It helps increase your earnings with time-and-a-half pay, yet there's the uncertainty of how much of that 'extra' money you'll actually take home post payroll taxes.Understanding how overtime p... Read More

Does California Have an Inheritance Tax?

Inheritance is one of those life events that can be both emotionally and financially significant. It often raises many questions, especially regarding taxes.California is home to countless individuals who have either inherited or stand to inherit ... Read More

Are Dental Implants Tax Deductible?

As the clock ticks towards tax season, many individuals start to wonder about the various tax deductions and credits available to them.For those considering or already having undergone dental implant procedures, the potential to subtract these cos... Read More

Are Massages Tax-Deductible?

As tax season approaches, many individuals look for ways to maximize deductions and minimize their tax liabilities. One question that has gained attention is whether massages qualify for tax deductions. It's tempting to think of turning a relaxing... Read More

Do Renters Pay Property Taxes?

As a renter, you may wonder why there are certain fees that come alongside your monthly rent payment.One question that may pop up in your mind is “Do renters pay property taxes?”This is a valid question as you may not have full knowledge about tax... Read More

Can I Claim My Emotional Support Dog on my Taxes?

As a dog owner, you may be wondering whether your pet qualifies for a tax deduction.You love your dog so much and in your view, it's emotionally supporting you, does that not count for something?Can you deduct the costly vet bills and pet supplies... Read More