IRS Collections Statute of Limitations


IRS Collections Statute of Limitations. Allowing the Collection period to expire on the Collection of Tax is an effective method for obtaining Tax Relief. To determine the ten year State of Limitations, from the date of assessment of the tax, the Tolling Period must be determined. The Tolling Period is like a clock. It needs to run for a cumulative period of ten years, for the Statute of Limitations period to expire. Certain things make the clock run, and certain things make the clock stop. Determining the total time the clock has run can be tricky yet is essential, to knowing whether this type of Tax Relief is a viable alternative. IRS Collections Statute of Limitations.

If a taxpayer is close to the ten year Expiration Period, for collection of the tax, this option needs to be explained to the taxpayer. Most tax resolution firms that push “Offer in Compromise, Pennies on the Dollar” will not necessarily explain this option to a taxpayer. At Federal Tax Resolution, we believe the way we can best serve our clients, is to give them all of the available options for dealing with a tax debt, give guidance on the likely outcomes of pursuing those options. The best option then materializes for the taxpayer to pursue.
The IRS may try to pressure a taxpayer into signing a waiver of the 10 year Statute of Limitations. They may try to garnish your paycheck or bank account, and use that as leverage to try to get you to sign. Depending upon your circumstances, and how long you have to go before the CSED, or Collection Statute Expiration Date, pursuing the Statute of Limitations as a Tax Relief option, may or may not be in your best interest.  IRS Collections Statute of Limitations.

The real question in determining whether to pursue the expiration date of a tax debt is, is another solution available that would be better ? After 36 years in business, we cannot count the number the number of times we thought a case would be resolved one way, but found a better solution for our client after going thru their personal financial situation and looking at every option in the IRS Tax Code or if it is a state income tax, the state tax code. The best thing to do, is make sure you have every option for dealing with that tax debt, then determine the best course of action.

Tax Services offered by a good Tax Resolution company, will always include informing the taxpayer of any taxes that may be near the end of the Collection Limitation period. This way a taxpayer can make the best decision for pursuing the right Resolution. Federal Tax Resolution is competitor referred, and has offered Superior Tax Resolution Services for over 36 Years.

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