Tax Resolution. Different standards exist for this industry. These different standards are used to describe three things. The change in standards in the Tax Resolution industry, the standard in Americas of American Citizens in obtaining Tax Relief, and the standards of those companies. To understand this, a brief overview of this industry is necessary. Going back to the beginning of the industry, when only two companies provided these services, I have witnessed and been part of the positive changes in this industry, and also have seen the bad companies that come and go, due to the same old failed business model of the past. Unfortunately, some of the larger firms in this industry still use that model, to maximize profits, at the expense of client service. We know, because we field the calls from angry , distraught taxpayers, who relied on their help, to find out they were sold a pack of lies. Call for a free consultation today 1-888-689-7861.


Nearly 38 years ago, Tax Resolution was born. No internet to spread the information about tax relief options. Usually mail, and salespeople stating to willing customers they could get them a reduction in the amount of tax owed, just pay us XXX amount of money upfront. The scam continued until three companies, a CPA in San Francisco, a Tax Attorney in Washington D.C. who is now in New York, and Federal Tax Resolution, started charging smaller Retainer Fees, confident of the Tax work done, being honestly told to customers from the start. Reform of Tax Resolution Services had started.


That brings us to the standards of American Taxpayers for Tax Resolution. This real life example illustrates this quite well. This case is nearly 30 years old. A fellow in Texas wanted to pursue Tax Relief. We went through his financials and determined he qualified for an Offer in Compromise, based on a Professional Analysis of his case. We submitted the Offer for $12,000 and some change. The IRS accepted for $8000 and some change. He owed a bit over $84,000. Now most people would be tickled pink. This man called up, and cursed at us, and demanded a refund. His rationale was that we did not do our job, because the IRS accepted at $12000 and we submitted at $8000. Upon further discussions it was determined that he had not disclosed on his financial a part time job selling annuities on the weekend, had more income and ability to pay, therefore the amount went up. We were never given this information, didn’t matter to him. Because he wanted Tax Resolution on his terms, not the IRS terms. 1-888-689-7861 

Most individuals have reasonable expectations of what a Tax Professional will do for them. It is incredibly rare for an average citizen to do as well trying to deal with a large tax debt on their own, as opposed to obtaining Tax help. But to those who have a set amount they want to pay the IRS, and anything else just won’t do, we wish you all the luck. Tax Resolution Nationwide for Thirty Six years.

That brings us to the standards among different companies in Tax Resolution. As stated previously, the maximize profit standard is still out there. Most of these companies will try to put you into Uncollectible Status if possible, as its the least amount of work for them, yet may not be your best option for permanent tax relief. Having a firm with a long time frame in the business is essential for seeing the swings at the IRS, from being passive to aggressive in collection. The IRS is now being re-budgeted by the Biden Administration, and they are not just going after the rich as the media reports. The Collection Division is getting more resources to go after average Joe. Pursuing Tax Solutions prior to IRS Collection Action is your best bet.

Federal Tax Resolution can help you get into compliance, by filing all past tax returns, work with the IRS to come up with a game plan so we can offset Collection Action, like Wage or Bank Account Garnishments. After a complete review of your situation, and the filing of any past due tax returns, our Tax Professionals will undertake an analysis to determine every option in the Internal Revenue Code for dealing with your Tax Debt. Determining the correct option is crucial to your peace of mind. Your Tax Resolution Services will not be stressful, as we know how to take the stress out of this process for you. Tax Solutions Nationwide for Thirty Six years.  1-888-689-7861 

TAX COURT and Audit Representation. If you are facing a potential audit due to the COVID-19 crisis and economic fallout, or have been a victim of the natural disasters impacting multiple parts of the United States, or just had life situations impact your ability to file a correct tax returns, an audit can be terrifying. Many people who fall behind on filing, miss a year to two, then get scared. We have dealt with thousands of them and can ease your anxiety regarding the process. If you owe taxes due to a Letter Ruling form the IRS that is incorrect, and you are considering going to Tax Court, we may have a better, less costly alternative. Tax Solutions Nationwide for Thirty Six Years.

Uncollectible Status can be an alternative for taxpayers under one condition. If and only if you have looked at every other possible alternative for dealing with your tax debt. This is the least amount of work for most National TV advertising Tax Resolution Companies, and a large number of them push the majority of their clients into this without looking at the alternatives. Its a way to maximize profit, and shove as many clients down the pipeline as fast as they can. Be careful, learn all your options prior to choosing uncollectible status. It may not be your best Tax Resolution. Tax Services for Thirty six years.


The common wisdom in 2020 was that the IRS was not really accepting many Offers. That’s because the economy was doing well. The IRS tightens up Tax Relief when times are good, then loosens it up when things are bad. Having a Tax firm that knows the swings in being aggressive, and how to protect clients in that atmosphere, and when things are passive and the opportunities presented then. With 36 years leading the Tax Resolution industry, we have seen the pendulum swing back and forth numerous times.  1-888-689-7861  

UNFILED TAX RETURNS Both individuals and businesses need to file tax returns. The sheer number of tax returns that are unfiled has grown significantly, and even more so since the economic disaster of COVID-19. The Biden administration, in requesting additional funding for the IRS, estimates that $700 billion to $1 trillion may be collected with increased enforcement action. That starts with filing tax returns, and auditing those who are willfully cheating the system. The days of an outdated, wimpy IRS are coming to an end. The agency is currently updating its computer system, which is the oldest in the Federal Government, which will give it the productivity increase it needs, along with the hiring of thousands of additional personnel, to effectively go after the lost revenue. Tax Resolution prior to a levy or wage garnishment is the least stressful method for most Americans. Ask us.

Certain penalties exist for failure to file tax returns, and for non payment of taxes. Other penalties for under reporting income also exist. Business owners who do not forward Payroll Taxes can face the Trust Fund Civil Penalty, a 100% tax on the Trust Fund portion. The IRS can go after personal assets for the Trust Fund penalty. We are experts at obtaining penalty abatements. Call us if you have questions, 1-888-689-7861


The IRS has a series of letters that start the Collection Process. These are CP letters. They start off by stating you have unfiled tax returns, or an amount due, or a discrepancy in the return you filed and the IRS thinks you filed wrong. They then get progressively more aggressive, until they go after your bank account, paycheck, or personal assets. Federal Tax Resolution knows what needs to be done to keep your situation escalating to a IRS Wage Garnishment, Bank Garnishment, or Tax Lien. In certain circumstances the IRS will issue a Tax Lien on a taxpayer, to protect its interest in property, to satisfy a tax debt. Knowing the shortest path to dealing with a lien can save you months of headache in trying to get it released on your own. Release of a Tax Lien goes hand in hand with your Tax work. The IRS will issue a Tax Lien under certain circumstances and release them if certain conditions are met. We know what those are, and how to cut through the Red Tape at the IRS to get a Tax Lien moved, so you can repair your credit, or sell your house, or purchase a home.


Superior Tax Resolution is not just in our logo, its what we do, and who we are. We are leaders in our industry, helped change the way retainer fees were charged 32 years ago from the old business model of taking the entire fee upfront, to asking for a reasonable fee to start a case, allowing thousands to obtain tax help, who otherwise could not afford the entire fee upfront. Our Tax Professionals are Tax Fellows, a Higher Grade of Tax Professional, and it shows in the results of our clients calls and letters to us. Recommended by our peers, A+ Better Business Bureau Rated, Member National Society of Tax Professionals. Tax Solutions Nationwide for Thirty Six years.




Thirty six years ago when Federal Tax Resolution started in business, we started the right way. Coming from a Tax Resolution Company that was a “Offer in Compromise Mill”  , promising people they could get off of the IRS tax debt for “Pennies on the Dollar”, the owner felt a better way existed. And from the start we started telling people the truth. The only way to get a successful Tax Solution, is to determine every option in the IRS Tax Code, with a qualified Tax Professional, then pursue the best option or options. Anything else is a sales pitch. Tax Solutions Nationwide for Thirty Six years.

Doing that takes time and hard work, and with Covid and the government slowdowns, its a bit slower now than normal. We always try for a best result with our clients, to see if they qualify for reductions in what they owe. Beware of any Tax Companies that try to tell you that you qualify for a Offer in Compromise over the phone. It cannot be done that way, and Regulations prohibit it being done that way. Part of the IRS Fresh Start Program contains the Offer in Compromise, but it also has many other Tax Relief options, and several options are not in that program. That is why we say, making sure you choose the proper option is crucial unless you want to pay the IRS more than you have to.

36 years ago only two Tax Debt Resolution firms existed. Both were Offer in Compromise Mills, and thankfully, both are now out of business. When we started, we decided, along with the only other two firms on the internet at the time, a CPA in San Francisco, and a Tax Attorney who was in D.C. now in New York, to change the business model of how fees were charged in this industry. We started taking reasonable Retainer Fees, confident of the work being done, and then allowing clients to pay over time, as opposed to the Offer in Compromise Mills, who always took an entire fee upfront, knowing the scam they were pulling. This has allowed millions of American Taxpayers to afford Tax Resolution firms services, who could otherwise not pay an entire fee upfront. That was how we started in business and that is how we operate today. Call for a Free Tax Consultation.  1-888-689-7861