US Tax Court.  Often the best and least costly way to avoid US Tax Court, is at the early stage of an audit. When the IRS says you owe, or have an issue, prior to it becoming a hornet’s nest, it can often be nipped in the bud. Sometimes it cannot. For example, you may have asked for guidance by asking for an IRS Letter Ruling, filed your tax returns, only to have the IRS then go back on that guidance. What to do then ? Did you keep the letter ? What about your documentation?

Tax Court gets overloaded upon changes to the Tax Code. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was filled with changes to the tax code that numerous business owners have asked for guidance on, been put off, been assessed penalties for late filing of tax returns due to lack of guidance, or incorrect advice. Now the new stimulus laws from the Biden Administration are bringing even more new tax codes into play. Some of those penalties run into the tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars, putting many companies at risk. What do you do ? Do you fight the IRS if the cost is as much as you owe them ? Would you like to know the strength of your case before fully committing to go to Tax Court ? If so, you should call us. 1-888-689-7861.

We can help you develop a strategy to lower your Tax Court costs. Most cases never make it to Tax Court, and as problem solvers, we will put ourselves in your shoes to determine first and foremost if in fact you do have a case that has a good chance for success. If not, we will advise of why not and advise you of your best options. Most companies do not do that, as it cuts into their billable hours. Call a 33 Year Tax Company that saved a man $8,500,000 on a Civil Penalty on Payroll Taxes, as we negotiated his debt to zero. Or a man who owed $2,500,000 and settled for $3009.88. That was 32 years ago. We’ve been saving Americans Millions ever since. FTR Tax, making positive changes in our industry, recommended by our peers,  Superior Tax Resolution.