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Many avenues of Tax Resolution Services exist in the Internal Revenue Code. Knowing which Tax Resolution Services options are for particular situations, and the precedent at the IRS for such situations, is crucial if you want success in pursuing Tax Resolution Services. The following avenues of Tax Resolution Services are the most “known”, but are not the only alternatives available. Having a good Tax Professional is your best bet in dealing with the IRS.

Our Experience

Federal Tax Resolution LLC has dealt with virtually every problem that would ever come up before Automated Collection, or individual Revenue Agents. If you have a question, and don’t see your topic, call us, as we most likely have expertise in that area. Listing out every area of Tax Resolution Services that we work on would be exhaustive, and if we had 100 pages of material, you might not find it anyway.

Whether you have a IRS Wage Garnishment, Bank or Wage Levy, need help determining your options for dealing with your IRS Tax Debt, help with an Offer in Compromise, Penalty Abatement, Innocent Spouse Tax Relief, livable payment plan, 941 and 940 tax help for business owners, or have unfiled tax returns, Federal Tax Resolution will take the time to determine the correct options for you, then deal with the IRS, so you don’t have to take the stress or time out of your life. Many cases we work on take eight to twelve months to complete. Is it worth your time, to potentially end up with the wrong option for dealing with your tax debt, simply because you want to try it yourself?

If you know the IRS Revenue Code, IRS Precedent, and believe you know how to not send the wrong signal to the IRS, you probably can work with the IRS yourself. If you are confident you will obtain the proper option, which may save you tens of thousands of dollars, you probably can. If you don’t want to bet your financial future, short or long term, on your inexperience with the IRS Revenue Code and IRS Precedent, call us, we can help. Tax Resolution Services is just a phone call away.

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