December 29, 2022 - Douglas Myser

IRS Commissioners final message. Outgoing irs.govIRS Commissioner Charles Rettig gave an inspiring message to those gathered to hear his speech. He oversaw an IRS that was depleted of the resources they needed to perform a job that was made more difficult with increased workload from the administration of the Covid Stimulus checks, to increased work on combating Taxpayer Refund Fraud and identity theft. The Congress demanded more from an agency using the oldest computer system in the entire government. This year, the Biden Administration passed the Inflation Reduction Act, which will inject billions into the IRS, and have them hire 87,000 new employees. IRS Commissioners final message.

We are on the brink of an exciting new era for the IRS, one that is desperately needed to transform the agency to improve taxpayer service and ensure fairness in tax compliance. Four years ago, I proudly took the oath of office to become the 49th Commissioner of the IRS. Throughout my term, I have been honored, privileged and most humbled by the opportunity to serve. I became commissioner out of a deep appreciation of the IRS, its workforce and our country. Before coming to the IRS, I spent 36 years in private practice as a tax attorney, and I regularly worked with the employees of the IRS. I saw and appreciated the dedication and commitment that the IRS workforce has for the nation and the mission of the IRS. The IRS employees are the reason I took this challenging position.


The Commissioner goes on to say that the IRS is gearing up to do a better job, which in the long haul means more audits, more Collection Notices, Tax Liens, and IRS Wage Garnishments. Covid put a real damper on the IRS, when they had to shut down for 7 months. They fell behind in their tasks, and this Commissioner pointed out months ago, that the IRS is on the verge of clearing up that entire backlog. Once that is done, in January of 2023, the IRS will begin assertive Collection Action for those who have not filed tax returns, or have a past due balance. Contacting a good Tax Resolution Company would be a good idea if you fall into that category.