Unfiled IRS State Tax Returns & Back Taxes

Having multiple years of unfiled tax returns can be unsettling, as well as intimidating. It doesn’t have to be. Federal Tax Resolution knows how to obtain all of your tax records, without raising any “red flags” triggering IRS Collection Activity against you. If you have back taxes call us. We utilize the Tax Practitioner Unit of the IRS. This resource of the IRS is available to tax practitioners, and is Independent of the Collection Division of the IRS. This means we may obtain your records for filing all of your past tax returns, without starting Collection Action against you.

If you have an IRS debt, you don’t want to send in tax returns, one at a time. You want to send them all in at the same time. Most so called tax “professionals” do not understand this very simple concept. What happens when you send in one return, then say follow it up with another return several weeks or months later ?  Once the first return logs into the IRS system, showing you have a tax debt, it will start Collection Action against you. When you try to deal with the Collection Division, they will ask you, are you in Compliance?  Or, have all of your returns been filed ? If not, you have a back tax problem.

You can put yourself into a Catch 22 if you don’t know the ins and outs of dealing with the IRS. Most good tax professionals will pay for themselves by the amount of tax savings on your return, deductions you may never have heard of. If you are going to have a large IRS or State tax debt, it is best to have a tax professional file your past due returns and Represent you in dealing with your tax debt.

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