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Being the third Tax Resolution company on the Internet, Federal Tax Resolution has always helped lead the way. We were one of the first Tax Resolution Companies to accept a small retainer fee, instead of the old business model of charging the entire fee upfront, this allowed Federal Tax Resolution to include thousands who needed IRS Tax Resolution Services, but could not afford an entire fee upfront. This was done, because we changed the old philosophy and old business model in the tax resolution services industry. We did this so in the end, we could tailor a custom fit solution to our clients tax resolution problem.


What separate’s Federal Tax Resolution from the dozens of tax resolution companies who have recently started working in the IRS Tax Resolution field, or the tax preparation companies who have recently decided to become a IRS Tax Resolution Services Company, with virtually no experience, potentially putting their clients in a bad situation? Perspective. Watching the IRS pendulum swing back and forth from being aggressive to passive in Collections, and knowing when you can make persuasive arguments to them, that in the past, based on a different macro economic environment, would not work, but will now. To gain that perspective, you need decades of tax resolution services experience, something that 95 percent of the IRS Tax Resolution Services Companies that you will run into do not have. Ask about why our “OUTSIDE THE BOX” Tax Solutions just might be a solution that will be the difference in solving your problem, or by not pursuing such a strategy with a company that does not have that insight and knowledge you might have to live with that problem needlessly, which causes you undue hardship in your life. Then you will understand the Federal Tax Resolution difference!!!

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The only way, the way Federal Tax Resolution has told its clients from day one, that a tax Professional can determine your options for dealing with your tax debt, is to have all of your financial information, then work on your behalf to make a determination for you to lay out every option in the Internal revenue Code for dealing with your tax debt. Anyone who tells you over the phone where you will end up with your tax situation is giving you a sales pitch.

Having back tax debt and unfiled tax returns can leave a person and family with a feeling of confusion and hopelessness. Running from job to job, simply to avoid an IRS Wage Garnishment is no way to live. The emotional strain and feeling of being lost can overwhelm you. Oftentimes, this fear will paralyze someone into inaction, making the situation worse. You are not alone. We understand the fear and anxiety that this creates and have a way to help guide you thru this process, to make the process less stressful on you.

Federal Tax Resolution has helped put the Financial House of thousands of families and individuals in order, in the last 25 years. Our four Enrolled Agents have a combined experience of just short of 75 Years !  One is the current President of a State Professional Tax Association. Another is the immediate past President of that same Association. We also have two CPA’s with a combined experience of almost 40 Years !  One of our CPA’s teaches a class on Tax Preparation, while her husband who is an Enrolled Agent teaches a class on IRS Representation. The other CPA has done, and continues to do Pro Bono tax work for the poor. Two of our Enrolled Agents are TAX FELLOWS. Thousands of individuals become CPA’s and Enrolled Agents every year, yet less than 300 annually become TAX FELLOWS, a Highly Accredited Tax Professional.

While the majority of options for determining how to deal with an IRS debt can be handled by Enrolled Agents or our Qualified CPA’s, some situations do require a Tax Attorney.

  • Federal Tax Resolution has an A + rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Federal Tax Resolution is a Member of the National Society of Tax Professionals.
  • Federal Tax Resolution serves clients in all 50 States and Internationally from multiple offices.
  • Federal Tax Resolution has IRS Tax Professionals with combined experience of over 100 Years!
  • Federal Tax Resolution has been seen on Market Watch!
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  • Federal Tax Resolution has Individuals who are giving and active in their communities!



The feel good story of the year for Federal Tax Resolution in 2014 was about a gentleman in Missouri who has two children, one severely disabled. He had to modify his home, and retain a full time nurse, as his wife left him under the strain of it all. He spent tax money to take care of his son. He had a successful partnership in insurance, and made very good money, but owed the IRS over $200,000. We didn’t judge him, but tried to help.

We submitted on Offer in Compromise initially for $85,000, which was ultimately rejected. We went to appeals, and during the appeals process his income went down a bit. The appeals officer denied the appeal. We went back, citing the income change during the appeals process and ultimately won.

This case took substantially longer than we thought, but without it, he faced the loss of his business, and uncertainty over how to care for his son. We understood the importance of the fight, and went the distance for him. In the end, he married the nurse who was taking care of his son.

We had a case in 2013 in Minnesota where a woman stated she had a tax debt that was not correct and did not owe it. At first glance, hearing such a story seems almost like wishful thinking, but we never judge our clients, and only try to help them. After looking over all of her options, we were able to come up with a solution that eliminated all of the tax debt the IRS originally claimed she owed. She was right, and extremely happy.

A case in 2012 involved a company with 941, payroll tax problems. This Wisconsin company owed enough that the cash flow of the business would never allow it to pay back the entire amount. To make the matter worse, the IRS issued a Trust Fund Penalty against the owners, and threatened their personal assets. We were able to eliminate the Collection Action on the Trust Fund issue, and get the IRS to accept a partial payment plan, which effectively allowed them to pay only 60% of the overall tax debt, working almost like an Offer in Compromise. The IRS at that time was not accepting partial payment plans, but we discussed the economy, and the fact that if the business went out of business, 12 people would be unemployed. The IRS knowing the state of the economy, changed and started accepting partial payment plans. The owners stated that we saved their business, and it was a direct result of having tax professionals who understand when its appropriate to make new, and different arguments to the IRS, taking into account macro-economic situations.

A case in 2012 that involved a woman who owned an oriental restaurant in California. She sold the restaurant to her sister, prior to the IRS putting a lien on the business. The IRS Revenue Agent went to the business, and told the new owner, her sister, that she was going to go after her bank account. The Revenue Agent told our client not to get Representation with a Tax Professional, violating the Taxpayer Bill of Rights. A well placed call to a Regional Manager at the IRS, by the Tax Professional, resulted in the Revenue Officer calling the business the next day and apologizing to both our client and the new owner.

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The IRS website is a valuable resource and will allow you to download any form you desire. If you’re looking specifically for information about filing a particular type of tax return, or have questions about filing a tax return, you may obtain information by going to the IRS “Questions about filing and forms page.” If your tax problem is a state tax problem, the previous link will allow you to access all 50 States tax webpages.

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If you decide that you need Professional Tax relief, whether it be an IRS Wage or Bank Levy, IRS Garnishment, Offer in Compromise help, Penalty Abatement help, Freedom of Information Act help, Innocent Spouse help, livable Payment Plan help, special help for business owners with Payroll Tax or Withholding tax issues, need to file unfiled tax returns without alerting the Collection Division of the IRS, we can and will help you. If your problem is a State Tax Problem, we can help with that also. Rest assured, we know IRS and State tax precedent and will use it to your advantage. Call for a Free Consultation today. 1-888-689-7861