Being the third tax company on the Internet, we have always helped lead the way. We were one of the first companies to accept a small retainer fee, instead of the old business model of charging the entire fee upfront, this allowed us to include thousands who needed IRS tax help, but could not afford an entire fee upfront.

What separate’s us from the dozens of tax companies who have recently started working with business owners and individuals with back tax debt’s, or the tax preparation companies who have recently decided to become a back tax professional, with virtually no experience, potentially putting their clients in a bad situation? Perspective. Watching the IRS pendulum swing back and forth from being aggressive to passive in collections, and knowing when you can make persuasive arguments to them, that in the past, based on a different macro economic environment, would not work, but will now. To gain that perspective, you need decades of experience, something that 95 percent of the  companies that you will run into do not have. Ask about why our “OUTSIDE THE BOX” perspective and experience will be the solution that will be the difference in solving your problem. Then you will understand the difference and value we bring to our clients. As Seen On

Superior Tax Resolution Services

We have helped put the Financial House of thousands of families and individuals in order over the last 27 years. Our Tax Professionals have a combined experience of just over 105 Years!  Two of our Tax Professionals are Tax Fellows. Thousands of individuals become CPA’s and Enrolled Agents every year, yet less than 287 annually become Tax Fellows, a Highly Accredited Tax Professional.

  • We have an A + rating with the Better Business Bureau, and are competitor referred.
  • We are a Member of the National Society of Tax Professionals.
  • We serve clients in all 50 States and Internationally from multiple offices.
  • We have been seen on Market Watch!
  • We have has been seen on MSNBC!
  • We have individuals who do Pro Bono work in their communities !

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