Types of Tax Professionals. Determining the right tax professional to handle your tax debt case is essential. If you want to assure that you solve your problem, having the right person in your corner is crucial. Most people are unaware of the different types of tax professionals, so this information in invaluable to you making the right decision. Types of Tax Professionals.

“Do I need a Tax Attorney”? We are asked this question often. The answer is “maybe”. It really depends upon the type of tax problem you have. If you are contesting that you owe the tax debt, that it is an illegal assessment of tax, and you are ready to take your case to Tax Court, then you probably do need a someone who is capable of taking you to tax court. If you are being charged with Tax Fraud, or Tax Evasion, then yes you need Federal Tax Resolution Tax Court Services, which we provide in all 50 States, in your jurisdiction, or ours. Ask which is better !

“I only want to solve my tax problem.” If you are looking for solutions to a tax debt, and want options for resolving you tax debt, then no, you can have another type of Tax Professional do that competently, without the additional expense of a tax attorney. Tax Professional Expertise.

“Are you talking about a CPA?” Kind of, in our experience about 90% of all Certified Public Accountants are NOT qualified to handle Tax Representation cases, where you are looking for options for dealing with a tax debt. Some are. But if you ask your CPA what they do 90% of the time, they will tell you, “I file tax returns”.

If I have a $40,000 tax debt, and my short term Financial Future will be determined by whether that is handled competently or not, I want someone who does that ALL OF THE TIME. Someone who knows IRS Precedent, has dealt with these types of situations many times before, and can give me every option available for dealing with a tax debt. So, who or what type of tax professional are you talking about?

Ever heard of an Enrolled Agent? The IRS gives a specialized exam once a year, to certify those that pass as an Enrolled Agent. Think of an Enrolled Agent as a CPA, except that they have knowledge geared more towards solving tax debts, as opposed to simply filing tax returns. Enrolled Agents are allowed to Represent Taxpayers anywhere in the United States, or anywhere in the world, before the Internal Revenue Service. They know how to file tax returns, but also have knowledge regarding tax debts, and what to do about them. Having the right tax professional when you owe a tax debt is crucial, to getting the right advice and ultimately knowing your options for dealing with your tax debt.


FTR TAX utilizes both CPA’s, those who know what to do about past tax debts, and Enrolled Agent’s, to handle our tax clients. We have a combined experience of over 112 years of Tax Knowledge. Two of our six Tax Professionals are the Past President’s of their respective Professional Tax Associations, and one is the current President. Our knowledge and understanding of Tax Resolution Services and IRS Debt options, and how to determine which is best for you, is Superior to those newcomers and to those that do this as a sideline to other work they do. We also have Enrolled Agents are also Tax Fellows, a much Higher Grade of Tax Professional. We offer Superior Tax Resolution Services. Call us and see for yourself.