Client Testimonials

“Owing payroll taxes of over $232,000 during a construction bust, due to the economy felt like the end of the world. After working on my case for well over a year and a half, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The plan I have will take several years to complete, but will save my business and my financial life.”
Bill T. – Charlotte, N.C.

“Having gone thru hell with my abusive husband was made worse when I found out I owed his taxes. Calling several companies seemed hopeless as several seemed liked salespeople looking for money. I know it was hard for you to talk to me, and I appreciate your patience with me I must have cried nearly 5 minutes while trying to explain myself. 8 months later I received a notice that the innocent spouse you prepared was accepted. Over $24,600 in taxes that were not mine, and I can again clothe and feed my children without the fear of the IRS garnishing my paycheck”
Elaine P. – Cleveland, Oh

“When I first called you, I owed the IRS over $80,000. They were about to garnish my paycheck, my girlfriend was about to leave me, due to the stress. My marriage plans were on hold. You refilled my taxes, lowered what I owed by over $62,000 and set me up on payments that I can handle. You saved my love life.”
H.G. – Phoenix, Az

“I was scared when I first called you. I knew we would owe a lot, but when you filed our returns and it was $28,000, the world might just as well ended. You encouraged me and gave me hope to continue the process. The offer in compromise you submitted allowed us to pay $3800 over time. With a sick wife you must know that was a welcome relief. Thanks for your help”
Jerry T. – Greensboro, N.C

“I know this is very unprofessional but I just want you to know Curt and I have been praying for you through this whole process. We are so thankful that we found your company to work with us to resolve this issue. It has been a burden on our hearts for so many years. We were just stuck and we didn’t know what to do. Thank you for your expertise and your professionalism through the entire process.”
Kathy and Curt E. – Omaha, NE

“Having a family run construction business was great until we found ourselves in tax trouble. The IRS was garnishing sub-contractors we worked with, and then the bank was emptied. We didn’t know what to do. You gave us breathing room with the IRS, then re-did tax returns that the IRS had done for us. You saved us over $12,000 and set us up on a livable payment plan on our remaining balance. We will recommend you to anyone with a tax problem. Thanks.”
Ken and Grace S – Austin, TX

“Having a large tax debt was bad enough. The tax lien made it impossible to get any equity in our home. You not only helped us get equity to pay the irs off, but were able to get back nearly $4000 in penalties. The stress you saved me wife and i was huge. Thank you.”
KEN L. – San Antonio, Texas

“I never imagined that I would not have to pay anything.”
L.E. – Red Wing, Mn

“I still can hardly believe that I owed $2,436,133.83 and that you got them to settle for $3009.88 in less than one year. Thank you and if I can recommend you to any one, I would be happy to.”
L.S. – Sacramento, Ca.

“After working on my Offer in Compromise, which was originally denied by the IRS, I was severely depressed, as it meant moving overseas and retiring had to be put on hold. I was worried that I might be charged more to appeal, as most firms I spoke with before deciding on Federal Tax Resolution did charge more to do that. You didn’t. Even though it took an additional 10 months, the Offer went through. I can finally retire. Thanks so much for hanging in there with me.”
L.W. – Boise, Id

“Unbelievable. We messed up and caused our own payment plan to default and what did you do ? You said you understood, and submitted an offer in compromise 8 months later, which the irs finally accepted. $1389 for myself and $1136 for my wife. Your tax resolution help was fantastic. Lost without you. “
Tom G. – Sacramento, Ca

“I was receiving a plethora of correspondence from the IRS demanding payment for back taxes in the amount of $64,000.00. Having little time, and concerned about possible wage garnishments and/or asset seizures; I contacted the experts at Federal Tax Resolution LLC to find a solution for my onerous and lingering problem. Hiring Federal Tax Resolution LLC was the BEST thing I could have ever done! Not only did I get STELLAR service, but I attained the BEST possible outcome that money could buy: “NO PAYMENT DUE”! No more sleepless nights. No more looking over my shoulder. No more worries. Federal Tax Resolution, LLC is the BOMB! Do NOT wait to contact them! The professionals at Federal Tax Resolution, LLC really do CARE!”
M. Fanning 2015 – Hobson, TX

“Thanks you for the tax you did on our behalf. We were trying to retire overseas, but were held up by an H&R block filing error, which could have cost us $13,000 taken from our future Social Security. Instead, you turned it into a $1000 dollar refund. Bon Voyage. THANKS FEDERAL TAX RESOLUTION! “
Jason B. – Tucson, Arizona

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