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If you have a tax problem that need fixing, realize that they all start from either non-filing of tax returns, or filing and having a debt, or incorrect assessment. A tax problem need to be analyzed to be fixed. We have Tax Professionals who will determine your tax problem, then guide you through the Tax Resolution Services process of finding a solution, so you may experience tax relief and a final solution. Some of the most common tax problems are listed below. Click on the link for more information.

To make the right decision about what to do with a tax problem, you not only have to determine all of the options available for dealing with that tax problem, but you have to understand IRS precedent, and you must have a very good understanding of “who” to work with at the IRS. Once you have determined “who” to work with, you then need to know “how” to deal with them. Giving the wrong signal to someone at the IRS can have adverse consequences for your paycheck, your bank account, and other assets you may own.

It is not enough to know which Tax Resolution Services option is the best option for dealing with a tax debt, you must also know what not to say, and what to say, otherwise you may find yourself in hot water with the IRS. Allowing a seasoned tax professional to handle your case, is your best alternative, if you want to deal with the IRS without all of the Collection headaches, stress, and for the best outcome possible. We will work with you, to make the whole  process stress free. That is what we have been doing for over 26 years.

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