April 20, 2022 - Douglas Myser

New IRS taxpayer office increase collections. Under the Taxpayer First Act, the taxpayer experience has been reimagined based on the following six pillars, which represent the long term goals the IRS hopes to achieve over the next 10 years. 1 Expanded digital service. 2 Seamless experience. 3 Proactive outreach and education 4 Community of partners 5 Focused strategies for reaching underserved communities 6 Enterprise Data Management and Advanced Analytics. As part of a longer term effort to improve taxpayer service, the IR has officially established the first ever Taxpayer Experience Office and will soon begin taking additional steps to expand the effort. New IRS taxpayer office increase collections.

"As the IRS continues taking immediate steps this filing season including adding more employees to address the significant challenges facing a resource constrained IRS, it's critical that we work going forward to equip the IRS to be a 21st century resource for Americans" said IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig. "The formal establishment of this office will help unify and expand efforts across the IRS to improve service to taxpayers." The Taxpayer Experience Office will focus on all aspects of taxpayer transactions with the IRS across the service, compliance and other program areas, working in conjunction with all IRS business units and coordinating closely with the Taxpayer Advocate Service.

Its interesting that the statement only glosses over the Enforcement, Collection Portion of IRS duties, as that has been one of the top priorities of the Biden White House, getting more funding to the IRS so they can increase audits and collection, of the nearly $1 trillion in uncollected taxes that are falling by the wayside every year. That is money that could be used to pay down the debt, or fund needed programs for our nation.

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