December 24, 2022 - Douglas Myser

Charles Rettig statement in farewell. IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig made a farewell statement that touched upon the difficulties the agency just went thru during the Covid pandemic, and preceding that, the Congress not sufficiently funding the agency, causing it to have problems doing it job. Making things worse, Congress gave the IRS more work, including administering the stimulus checks, working in identify fraud, and refund fraud that had skyrocketed. All with less money to do it. The IRS was trying to do all this with the oldest computer system in the government. Then came Joe Biden, who promised a new, more robust IRS. He delivered by sending $96 billion to the agency, which will be used to change the computer system out, and add 87,000 new employees. In 2023 the IRS will become more aggressive again. Charles Rettig statement in farewell.


"The essential role the IRS plays in the life of our nation is something that I've tried, during my term as Commissioner, to make sure the people understand. Each year, the IRS collects approximately $4.1 trillion in taxes and generates about 96% of the funding that supports the federal government's operations. IRS employees serve and interact with more Americans than any other public or private organization. The IRS is more than a tax administration agency. We make it possible for the government to perform its vital functions, helping fund the great work of our nation on everything from education and defense to our roads and other infrastructure. The importance of the IRS to the nation was most clearly illustrated over the last two and a half years, which have been an unprecedented time for our nation. During the pandemic, the IRS successfully delivered more than $1.5 trillion to people across the nation through tax refunds and by implementing various relief measures.


In 2023 the IRS will be using the new hires to again go after those with unfiled tax returns or tax debts. If you have a need for either of those, call our 37 year of Tax Resolution firm today.