January 11, 2023 - Douglas Myser


IRS Criminal Division gearing up. The IRS released a statement in bulletin IR-2022-194, where they discussed the results of the Criminal Investigative Unit of the IRS. In the fiscal year 2022, IRS Criminal Investigation initiated more than 2,550 criminal investigations, identified over $31 billion from tax and financial crimes, and obtained a 90.6% conviction rate on cases accepted for prosecution. The IRS CI Fiscal Year 2022 Annual Report showed statistics and improvements to the agency. In 2022, the Criminal Division expanded partnerships with foreign counterparts to help combat tax and financial crimes on a global level. IRS Criminal Agents delivered trainings in countries like Argentina, Germany, Columbia, and Palau, on topics ranging from cybercrimes to human trafficking. CI IRS Mexico City, after changes to Mexico law that enabled the extradition of tax fugitives, launched an initiative to identify fugitives who had absconded to Mexico and nearby countries. This resulted in the prosecution of 79 fugitives. IRS Criminal Division gearing up.


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IRS Criminal Division Taskforce Kleptocapture in March of 2022, targeted Russian oligarchs and others sanctions evaders. It also worked with the Chiefs of Global Tax Enforcement to identify potential sanction evaders or sanctioned assets as part of a global strategy to deter Russia's aggression. As of September 2022, the agency had identified nearly 50 individuals and entities for potential sanctions related enforcement. The Special Agents in 2022 spent about 70% of their time investigating tax related crimes like tax evasion and tax fraud, while nearly 30% of their time was spent on money laundering and drug trafficking cases. Special Agents identified over $31 billion from tax and financial crimes, ad the agency seized assets valued at approximately $7 billion.