February 7, 2023 - Douglas Myser


IRS enforcement to get tougher. In the coming year, the IRS is going to go through the most dramatic changes to the agency in over 30 years. With the infusion of $87 billion from Congress, the oldest computer system in the whole government is going out and a new integrated system will be introduced, to speed up customer service, increase and make more efficient the Collection Division of the IRS, and make the entire agency more proficient at its job. The overall impact will be more revenue for the Federal Government in a time of increasing deficits. The plan that has been developed includes how to improve the customer service that resulted in only 1 in ten phone calls being answered in 2022, modernize the entire technology of the agency, increase tax evasion by the wealthy, service improvements, and increased personnel. IRS enforcement to get tougher.

At the end of 2021, due to the Covid shutdown, the IRS had a backlog of nearly 11 million paper tax returns and in shifting resources to deal with the tax returns, the IRS then had to stop processing letters and other correspondence it received, resulting in a backlog on over 5 million pieces of mail. That backlog has been reduced to about 400,000, the IRS reported. So it looks like this filing season, though delays will remain, will not be near as bad as in 2022. By the end of spring, the IRS should be at full strength, and will be again sending out collection notices, like a Tax Levy. The IRS plans to go after those with Unfiled Tax Returns, the rich who are skirting the law, an those with significant tax debts, including the middle class.


If you have a tax debt or unfiled returns, now is a good time to get ahead of the IRS, so they don't put a Tax Lien or IRS Wage Garnishment on you and ruin your credit score. Call for Tax Resolution, including all Tax Relief options, even the IRS Fresh Start Program.