August 20, 2022 - Douglas Myser

New IRS agents to go after those who owe. Well when he was a Presidential Candidate, Joe Biden said the way he would pay for his programs, would be to ramp up the IRS, which had seen its budget decimated over the last 12 years, to a level where tax cheats and those gaming the system would be brought to justice, and those willfully behind would get back into the system. He stated, and used corroborating statistics, that showed that nearly $1 trillion in uncollected taxes were happening every year. That money was essential to bringing the economy back form the devastation caused by the Covid Pandemic. He stated he wasn't trying to target the middle class, only those making over $400,000 a year, who disproportionately cheat on their taxes. New IRS agents to go after those who owe.

Unfortunately, when we talk about those who owe, self employed business owners, who make up the backbone of the American economy, are the group that us furthest behind. The numbers of Americans who are either behind on taxes, or have Unfiled Tax Returns, is greater now than in the last 3 decades. The amount of uncollected taxes over that time is estimated to be a staggering $4 trillion or more. That alot of money that could be used to pay down the debt, increase defense spending in light of the new threats from Russia and China, and build out a National Health Program for our citizens. Yet opposition has come from Republicans who don't want to see the rich audited more, as they are receiving large campaign contributions from that same group.

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