December 4, 2022 - Douglas Myser

IRS urges families and businesses to be aware. The IRS and the Security Summit partners, which include the information sharing network and work on Cyber Security, between the IRS, Treasury Department, private industry, the tax software industry, State Governments, and individuals and other organizations, are urging everyone to be aware of Security measures they can take to combat the rising tide of crime and identity theft, which has plagued the United States in recent years. The Security Summit is the coalition formed to combat this, and is dedicated to protecting taxpayers against these crimes. IRS urges families and businesses to be aware.

We have had to deal with victims of Identity Theft, and get the tax portion of their problem handled. These Tax Resolution Services and cases are longer and more difficult, as we have to work with the IRS to get the life they once had, back for them. Tax Relief can eventually be determined when the case involves Identity Theft, but first we have to establish that the identity was stolen to begin with. We have worked with clients in virtually every state on an Identity Theft case, and know the ins and outs of getting it fixed.

Having the Security Summit issue bi-yearly reports that go into detail on the new scams that are popping up is quite helpful to those who are in the trenches of these types of battles. They provide insights and new data in the struggle that the Tax Resolution firms and Tax Software firms can use to help combat the types of fraud that happen to people who have a Social Security number. The real challenge is that often these types of cases, Identity Theft, take a long time to work out. Multiple hoops have to be jumped thru, to get a client back to normal. But we have been successful at this, and will continue to provide this service to our Nationwide Federal Tax Resolution clients in need of it.