February 26, 2022 - Douglas Myser

IRS taxpayer assistance centers open. Years ago the IRS had a program, that started in just a few cities but was such a success that it went to dozens more, in an effort to give taxpayers with difficult situations a chance to get the IRS problem fixed in one weekend. It appears that the IRS backlog over nearly 15 million tax returns, and several hundreds of thousands of unopened pieces of mail, has caused the IRS to open up that program o Saturdays again, with an emphasis on getting tax returns filed and refunds to the door as fast as possible. As part of a larger effort to help people during this year's extra hectic filing season, the Internal Revenue Service today announced special Saturday hours at many Taxpayer Assistance Centers across the country. IRS taxpayer assistance centers open.

TAC's provide taxpayers with in person help. Select TACs are open form 9AM to 4PM, February 12th, March 12th, April 9th, and May 14th. normally these centers are not open on Saturday, but due to the tax filing backlog, they are going to open to help alleviate the problem. People can receive walk in help on all services, the TACs will not accept cash payments on these Saturdays. During the extra operating hours, people can also ask about reconciling advance Child Tax Credit payments and receive other help. This is only for tax filing help, these centers are not for looking for help on your tax debt. If you need hep with a tax debt, you should contact a Tax Resolution Company and ask about the IRS Fresh Start Program.

These centers will be prepared to help taxpayers with tax returns. You should bring a current issued photo identification card, Social Security Card, and IRS letters or correspondence. The IRS will also ask for your current mailing address, an email address, and your bank account information to make refunds to, but if you owed the IRS this can be used to collect against you.