November 22, 2022 - Douglas Myser

IRS adding more personnel. After years of under funding, prompted by the Covid pandemic and need for additional revenue, Congress finally passed a bill that included a whopping $86 billion for the IRS, so they can upgrade the oldest computer system in the entire U.S. Government, and take on the added work that Congress has unloaded on them. IRS adding more personnel.

When the Covid pandemic struck, the IRS was tasked with doling out the stimulus checks, as a requirement to getting those checks, was filing the last years tax return. Well in the last decade the IRS has also had to deal with the surge in identity theft crime, and stolen tax refunds as well. That's hard to do when you computer infrastructure is not up to the task. This all came to a head, when the fIRSt batch of Covid broke out, and the IRS shut down for nearly 7 months. They fell behind a estimate of 26 million tax returns that were not processed and had to take a large amount of its workforce to filing returns, getting behind on the other tasks they would normally perform. Fortunately, Tax Resolution Services can cut thru the red tape that is currently bogging down the IRS

Well the service at the IRS became so bad, the National Taxpayer Advocate stated that in 2021, only 12 percent of all calls to the IRS were answered. Tax Resolution Companies can get thru to the IRS much faster than ordinary citizens can. The IRS has increased funding to beef up the Collection Division. In total they have hired an additional 87,000 workers, to beef up the number of audits, tax liens, and IRS Wage Garnishment notices they will start sending out, starting in early 2023. The IRS estimates that nearly $500 billion in uncollected taxes happened in the 2016 to 2021 period. Looking for additional funding sources, the Biden Administration is looking to the IRS to go after the wealthy, who have more often that not, been the ones not paying their fair share.