IRS TAX LIEN. An IRS tax lien happens when the IRS wants to secure what it believes is owed to them by a taxpayer, for unpaid tax debt. The lien is placed on the taxpayers Social Security number, which then attaches to any property the taxpayer owns. The most common situation we deal with in helping taxpayers with IRS Tax liens, are home mortgages, credit repair, and potential impact on a job application that requires some type of Security clearance. IRS TAX LIEN.

Getting a Tax Lien removed can be very difficult or rather easy, depending upon the unique circumstances surrounding the case. We have dealt with hundreds of case of tax liens over the last 34 years, including international liens placed by different countries on U.S. citizens. Each case is unique and the circumstances that surround how the taxpayer fell behind, how much is owed, whether any unfiled tax returns are outstanding, whether the taxpayer has medical issues impacting the number of years left to live, all of these factors can contribute to whether the IRS will consider the removal of a tax lien. But the IRS also has some guidelines that they generally go by. Knowing these can be quite useful in helping a taxpayer resolve a tax lien issue. Experience can make a big difference, as you don’t want someone who is learning the process as they go along, wasting time and your money, as opposed to someone who has been there, and knows how to cut thru the IRS red tape.

Federal Tax Resolution has 34 years of IRS Tax Lien experience to bring into your corner, when dealing with the IRS. Don’t waste your time with amateurs, use a Tax Resolution Services firm that knows every option for dealing with your IRS tax lien and will help guide you to a successful resolution of your IRS Tax Lien issue.