May 15, 2022 - Douglas Myser

Tax Professionals make suggestions to IRS. After what may have been the most grueling and difficult IRS tax filing ever, Tax Professionals Nationwide have been heard about the difficulties of the filing season and what needs to be done to fix it. As it is, it is not sustainable, as the backlog of unprocessed IRS tax returns at one point during the height of the pandemic was nearly 17 million. In addition, the IRS had a backlog of millions of pieces of mail that it could not get to, as a result of the nearly 6 month lockdown, that put them severely behind on their workload. That made life more difficult for the millions of Americans who work in the Tax Preparation Industry, as they experienced longer wait times for correspondence with the IRS, irate customers angry with the IRS problems, and an uncertainty as to when things might get fixed. Tax Professionals make suggestions to IRS.

While the AICPA has communicated long term strategic recommendations to improve IRS services, it continues with its partners in the Tax Professionals United for Taxpayer Relief Coalition, to advocate shorter term recommendations for the committee, adjust of hold times for taxpayers, try to open up some tax relief options due to the damage of the Pandemic, and provide a larger budget for the IRS to handle the increased work load from the past two Administrations and Congress. Some of these very same ideas had been previously put forth by the National Taxpayer Advocate, when the problem started to surface nearly and year ago. But now the stress level seems to have gone up, as it has been dealt with for a considerable time, and the Professional Tax Community wants it to end.

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