January 2, 2022 - Douglas Myser

IRS to help those who don't file. The IRS wants to help those who don't normally owe income tax, file tax returns so they may get the Child Tax Credit and Economic Income Payments, known as stimulus payments. This is in partnership with non-profits who are getting the word out to these generally low income individuals, and homeless people. Thru churches, organizations, community groups and other organizations, these outreach attempts are making a big difference. IRS to help those who don't file.

The events will take place in Atlanta, New York, Detroit, Houstophian, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Phoenix, St. Louis, and Washington DC. With the help of a new non-filer sign up tool on the IRS website, volunteers and employees will assist eligible individuals and families get these important tax credits and beneifts. The tool, an update of last years IRS non-filers tool, is also designed to help individuals register for the $1400 third round of economic impact payments and claim the Recovery Rebate Credit for any amount of the first two rounds of Economic Impact Payments they may have missed. Individuals do not need to have children to attend these events and sign up for Economic Impact Payments.

People can check their eligibility for the AdvCTC payments by using the new advance child tax credit eligibility assistant. The IRS is also planning to do additional events in the future as well as work with partners inside and outside the tax community to share information as widely as possbile to people who may be eligible for Child Tax Credits and the Economic Impact Payments. This may also help pay for Tax Resolution if they have a tax debt. This is part of a wider effort to raise awareness of the expanded Child Tax Credit, the IRS also encourages its partners to use available online tools and toolkits to help non-filers, low income families and other underserved groups sign up to receive the AdvCTC. You may receive more information at the Internal Revenue Service website IRS.GOV