April 1, 2022 - Douglas Myser

IRS mess is slowly getting handled. After a large public outcry over missing tax refunds, and the fact that the National Taxpayer Advocate stated that in 2021 only 12 percent of all phone calls to the IRS actually got thru to someone, along with the fact that the government piled on loads more work to the IRS, while cutting its budget over the last few years, the IRS is finally getting its act together to clean up the backlog of nearly 16 million unprocessed tax returns form 2021. They just hired 10,000 additional people, along with the 1500 earlier in the fall of 2021. They have more planned, as the U.S. Government, and the Congress are clamoring for more revenue to fight the deficit that just got bigger, due to the Covid relief packages signed by both Trump and Biden. IRS mess is slowly getting handled.

When the pandemic hit, the IRS was shut down for nearly 7 months and the amount of paperwork to the IRS piled up, until it reached nearly 12 million pieces of mail. That was the first priority, getting to the mail, which has been pretty much brought up to par. The real problem now lies in getting the past returns filed, getting refunds out the door, and increasing staffing, so the service at the IRS can start to resemble what it looked like in the past. Back 25 years ago, it would take 5-10 minutes to get through to one of the IRS Tax Practitioner service professionals at the IRS, and order up a taxpayers records. Now it take over an hour and a half, and you hope you don't get disconnected and have to call back.

If you have a back tax debt, and need your IRS records, we can cut thru the red tape, with the new improved Tax Professional help line. We can also determine all of your options for Tax Relief, including the options under the IRS Fresh Start Program, so you don't eventually get a IRS Wage Garnishment. If you can't speak to the IRS, you are going to have a hard time solving your back tax debt issue. We can make it happen much faster than you could on your own.