April 18, 2022 - Douglas Myser

IRS hiring thousands to catch up. With the IRS behind on filing of paper tax returns from last year, they are adding nearly 11,000 additional workers to catch up the backlog of tax returns that have not been processed. The best guestimate is that by the fall of 2022 the backlog will be caught up and the IRS will be back to normal operations again. The problem all started with the Government shutdown due to the Covid pandemic. Then additional responsibilities two different administrations, and they had an overload of work. Charles Rettig, IRS Commissioner, appeared before the House Ways and Means Committee to give testimony and state that the problems dated back some time. The panel really wanted to know what was being done to get it fixed, and Rettig gave testimony in detail about that. IRS hiring thousands to catch up.

Several months earlier the IRS Taxpayer Advocate had testified that that real problem was the funding level that the IRS was at, and recommended passing budget increases for the IRS. The nearly 11,000 new hires has already been budgeted, so whether any additional funding happens, will only be determined iin how the IRS responds to getting the backlog caught up. both the Commissioner and National Advocate were certain that the next few months would show a vast improvement in the IRS performance standards. The National Advocate Estimated that in 2021 only 12 percent of callers who called the IRS, actually got through to a live person. From any perspective, that is a absolutely terrible performance and needs to be improved upon. That was one of the Congress members at the Ways and Means, conducting the inquiring were qu9te concerned, as constituents were irate.

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