June 20, 2022 - Douglas Myser

IRS destroyed 30 million paper filings. In a highly controversial move, the IRS destroyed 30 million paper filings. This was a result of the backlog that started when the Covid crisis began. The IRS, along with a large number of other government agencies and companies, shut down operations during the first 7 months of the pandemic, creating a backlog that they are still working on bringing down. To address that backlog the IRS shifted 800 workers to help bring down the number of back tax returns, which at one point was nearly 22 million. They then hired an additional 2000 people to get things under control. But what is surprising is destroying documents, and tax returns to get back to normal. Many excuses have since come out as to why they did this, but they don't make alot of sense. One of the problems this will create, is for people who have Net Operating Loss and need to carry forward or backwards those numbers. Well how do you do that without the prior years tax return ? It is going to create untold of problems moving forward for the thousands of people who do that. IRS destroyed 30 million paper filings.

The IRS then came out and stated that taxpayers "have not been and will not be subject to penalties resulting from this action". That may be, but those same taxpayers are going to have the headache of having to go back and redo tax work, that was otherwise already completed. And the headaches of doing that will be lost time and potently lost dollars who have to hire professional help to get the mess fixed.

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