October 13, 2020 - Douglas Myser

IRS creates case management office. The Internal Revenue Service has created the new Enterprise Digitalization and case Management office, which will spearhead IRS efforts to empower taxpayers and IRS employees to rapidly resolve issues in a simplified digital environment. The office's efforts will support overall IRS modernization and implementation of long term changes stemming from the Taxpayer First Act. Serving as co-directors of the new office will be Hampden "Harrison" Smith, currently the agency's Deputy Chief Procurement Officer, and Justin Lewis  Abold-LaBreche, who is the Director of Enterprise Case Management. IRS creates case management office.

The new stand alone office will focus on enhancing the taxpayer experience by improving business processes and modernizing systems. The office will apply agile, customer centered thinking and draw on leading industry test and learn practices to rapidly identify what combination of business process and technology works best for the IRS's customers and employees. In the digitalization space, a portfolio based approach will be utilized for the challenges the IRS faces, in the form of multiple small pilot projects for business process changes and technology solutions. The pilots will be focused on a desired outcome instead of a prescriptive approach, and they will be scaled and funded as they demonstrate value and return on investment. In the case management space, the office procured a commercial off the shelf platform earlier this year from Pegasystems Inc., and its first release is well underway.
The IRS has had a dedicated team focused on the Enterprise Case Management initiative, which is focused on standing up a consolidated enterprise case management approach to overcome the challenges the IRS currently faces from having case work taking place on more than 60 aging systems. Tax Resolution Services may be needed to people dealing with an inept IRS system. The office will report to Jeff Tribiano, Deputy Commissioner for Operations support. Staffing for the new office is still being determined, and employees currently working on case management issues will continue in their current roles. IRS creates case management office.

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