August 3, 2022 - Douglas Myser

IRS being funded to start collecting. After years of under funding at the IRS, Congress weary of the political fallout from increasing deficits, have decided to fund the one government agency that actually returns nearly $14 for every dollar invested into it, the IRS. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that when you fund the agency responsible for bringing in the dough, that they will be able to carry out their mission. Along with the fact that they will be hiring alot more personnel, the IRS is in the process of finishing the transformation from the oldest computer system in the government, to a new more efficient one. The 26 page long "IRS Strategic Plan" outlined in Publication 3744, gives a preview of the modernization effort underway at the IRS. IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig wrote in a message that the IRS was starting in 2020 to prepare reports for the Congress on its five year plan. The only problem with this five year plan, Covid. The pandemic set everything back a few years, but the overall goal should be accomplished with 5-6 years of 2020. IRS being funded to start collecting.

Its an interesting thing to watch the IRS go from being passive in collections, during hard economic times, to being aggressive, when the economy is rolling and they figure people are making good money. Being in business for 36 years, Federal Tax Resolution has seen this pendulum swing back and forth, many many times. We always advise our clients that when they are being passive, which is right now in the summer of 2022, that its a good time to get past due tax issues resolved. Why ? Because the IRS opens up the Tax Relief spigots when things are tough, then takes them away when the economy is doing well. A lag time happens when the cycle changes and that lag time has not really happened yet. But the IRS Collection Division will resume sending CP notices to collect in the late fall of 2022. IRS being funded to start collecting.

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