March 8, 2022 - Douglas Myser

IRS adding second surge team. It looks like the IRS wants to speed up the processing of the unfinished 2020 tax returns, which have been estimated to be nearly 12 million tax returns. The backlog is a result of the Covid closure of the IRS for nearly 5 months, and the increased workload given to the IRS, by having to administer the Covid stimulus checks, and then re-write lines of computer code, after two back to back administrations made substantial tax code changes. All in the middle of the IRS changing out the oldest computer system in the entire U.S. Government. The IRS had already taken part of its massive workforce and transferred them to filing unprocessed tax returns, but now a second surge of workers will be added, to get the back returns done so the IRS can get back to normal operations. IRS adding second surge team. The IRS wants to get back to serving IRS Wage Garnishment notices.

The IRS is implementing mandatory overtime for workers, in addition to the second surge team. IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig wrote that the agency is "crating and redirecting surge teams to address the back inventories", this to address the backlog of tax returns. This comes as the IRS faces pandemic induced backlogs from the past two years, coupled with lower funding, and the extra workload from the stimulus programs, that will make this tax filing season busier than normal. Taxpayers should expect major delays in the filing of tax returns, delays in getting refunds, and delays in getting anyone to answer the phone at the IRS. The Taxpayer Advocate stated recently that only 12 percent of taxpayers spoke to someone in 2021, when calling the IRS. If you have a Tax Debt and need to get around the fact that getting through to the IRS is nearly impossible right now, contact us to discuss tax relief options, including the IRS Fresh Start Program.

If you have a back tax debt and need a Tax Resolution Company, click the back link for help. If you want to explore the IRS options that exist for dealing with the IRS red tape and tax debts, call 1-888-689-7861.