February 13, 2019 - Douglas Myser

How to get IRS tax refund fast ? Well that did depend upon whether the government shutdown was going to drag on, but then the government found a way to fund that part of the IRS that processes tax returns. Seems like even in the political shutdown mess, politicians can agree on finding money to fund tax returns. So now that the IRS has been partially funded, at least the part that processes tax returns, you can actually go ahead and file, if you can get your tax transcripts. Of course the IRS fell behind in correspondence, to the tune of nearly one and a half million pieces of mail.

How to get IRS tax refund fast ? Well this year is turning out to be difficult, but we can say at last, that the process is underway. Last year nearly three quarters of all filers got tax refunds, and were eager to file as soon as possible. About half of all individuals prepare and file their tax returns on their own, mostly with a computer program. While many online tax preparation services are available, the most widely used, reviewed and recommended are Intuit's Turbo Tax or the suite of online services available by H@R Block or Jackson Hewitt.

Over ninety percent of tax returns are filed electronically. If you use tax preparation software the e-filing process is easy. It follows three steps: electronically sign your tax return, transmit it to the IRS and save a copy for yourself. The two major benefits of e filing are that it's the fastest way to get your return accepted and processed by the IRS, and you'll instantly get an electronic postmark certifying that your return was electronically filed.

Direct deposit is the fastest and most flexible way to get your tax refund this year. Last year well over 85 percent of all tax refunds were the result of direct deposit. If you need business tax preparation call us for Professional Tax Preparation. If you need Tax Resolution, we have a Higher Grade of Tax Professional, who will be able to determine your Tax Relief options, including every option in the IRS Fresh Start Program. But be aware that the Fresh Start Program doe not cover every option available to Taxpayers.