May 13, 2022 - Douglas Myser

Tax related identity theft part two. Tax related identity theft happens when someone will take a person's stolen Social Security number to do one of a few things. They may file a fraudulent tax return, with a phony address, hoping to get a refund check, in which case they may also try to steal your identity. In most cases, the IRS catches these fraudulent returns based on new software programs that are quite able to weed those returns out. The IRS will then send a letter out, prior to issuing any refund, asking specific information of the taxpayer, to verify the identification of the taxpayer with other vital statistical information. Tax related identity theft part two.

Depending on the situation, the taxpayer will receive one of three letters asking them to verify their identity. Letter 5017C, asks them to use an online tool to verify their identity and tell the IRS if they filed the return in question. Letter 488C, asks the taxpayer to all the IRS to verify their identity and tell the IRS if they filed the return. For those who have been a victim of a data breach, they may receive Letter 5747C and be asked to verify their identity in person at a Taxpayer Assistance Center.

Signs of non-tax related identity theft, no need to file form 14039. The potential evidence of non-tax-related identity theft can include: An individual receives balance due bills from companies with whom they didn't conduct business, magazine subscriptions they didn't order, notifications of a mortgage statement or credit cards they didn't apply. An individual receives notices of unemployment benefits for which they didn't apply. An individual receives a Notice CP 01E, Employment Identity Theft.

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