April 7, 2022 - Douglas Myser

Blatant tax cheat owes $2.9 billion to IRS. Some tax schemes are harder than others for the IRS to uncover. And then some are actually pretty stupid. This is the latter. This particular fellow and his wife cheated the tax man over and over, for a total of $2.9 billion, but what makes this astonishing, is that the IRS had contacted this person, and they just kept on going, thinking that evading the process server and making phony tax arguments that they didn't owe taxes would suffice. The problem was, they were actually submitting 227 false tax refund claims that totaled massive amounts of fraudulent refunds they didn't belong to. So neither argument they were proposing held any water at all. Blatant tax cheat owes $2.9 billion to IRS.

David Isagba, and his wife Joyce had been accused of submitting 227 false tax refund claims over the course of a decade seeking billions of dollars to which they were not owed. The refund claims were filed for phony trusts, some with ancient Hebrew names like Yetzirah. Almost all of the bogus claims were rejected but nine slipped through, with the IRS paying out $5.8 million to the couple, federal prosecutors said. The paid used some of the money to buy a five bedroom house in Leesburg, Florida, as well as several Mercedes Benz sedans and Cadillac Escalades, according to court filings. With each rejected claim, the IRS sent notices warning the couple to stop or face fines for false filing. But the pair would refuse to accept delivery, stymying government efforts. In 2017, the IRS filed suit to seize the couple's home, claiming it had been purchased with stolen government money. The couple stalled by placing the home in the name of various trusts, not responding to efforts to contact them and then renting the home out as the government moved to foreclose on the property.

The case was then turned not a criminal case. Isagba plead guilty and faces 30 years for tax fraud. For those who have legitimate tax issues, and want options for Tax Relief, a good Tax Resolution Company can help you determine every option under the sun in the Internal Revenue Code for dealing with your Tax Debt, including the IRS Fresh Start Program.