May 28, 2021 - Douglas Myser

Aggressive IRS after taxpayers. After years of being under funded by Congress, and with mounting federal budget deficits, Congress, spurred on by the Biden Administration, has finally beefed up funding at the IRS to levels not seen in several decades. What that means for taxpayers is that the IRS will be conducting more audits, not just of high income individuals, but of the average joe also. They are planning on increasing funding to the service lines, which happens to be Automated Collection, the folks who collect your taxes. That means more liens, bank , and wage garnishments. In the end taxpayers may not be as happy, but the federal spending plans to grow the economy will be paid for, not put on the dime, as the last few administrations have done. Pay me now, or pay me later. Aggressive IRS after taxpayers.

One way the IRS goes after delinquent taxpayers is sending a notice out to taxpayers who appear to make a simple math error on a tax return. We often have clients who call us because they have two identical W-2 forms from unscrupulous employers who are trying to offset the amount of taxable income their company reports, by putting additional income off on the taxpayer. This happens most often, when the taxpayer has moved across country. You would think that this problem would be easy to fix. For example, if a taxpayer has reportable income of $42,876.45 and the IRS gets two W-2s for that exact amount, down to the 45 cents, that it would be an easy fix. No so. We have had people at the IRS, usually the Collection Division which is the lowest level of educated IRS employees, that would not budge. So what do you do ? We had to get a Revenue Agent assigned to the case.

Getting the right person to a case to complete Tax Resolution Services can take sometime. During COVID the process was delaying even more. We had one such case that took over 22 months to solve, due to the fact that the particular office handling this clients case was overloaded, and getting the right person to undue an unfortunate error took that long. Our Tax Resolution Company is a 36 Year old National Tax Resolution firm that is respected by other Tax Resolution Companies who know our business practices. We can determine all options for Tax Relief, including the IRS Fresh Start Program and options not in that program. Call today for a free, confidential consultation before the IRS puts a Bank Levy or Garnishment or IRS Wage Garnishment on you. 1-888-689-7861