June 15, 2022 - Douglas Myser

After lull IRS getting more aggressive. When the IRS shut down for nearly seven months, due to the Covid lockdown, they fell behind in filing almost 24 million back tax returns. They then hired 10,000 people to have a "surge", to get those back returns caught up. In the meantime they also had nearly 8 million pieces of mail that were unanswered. That had to be caught up as well. They shifted 800 workers from their normal jobs, to helping get it all under control, and also stopped sending out CP notices to taxpayers. CP notices are notices saying you either have a tax debt, or unfiled tax returns. They are apparently at the point now, where they are again sending out those notices. Having caught up substantially from the backlog, the IRS now intends to get back into the business of collecting back taxes. That means starting off in June of 2022, by sending out millions of CP notices to taxpayers who are delinquent, which is now underway. After lull IRS getting more aggressive.

CP notices are required by law to be issued within 60 days after the IRS assesses a tax debt. It gives notice to the taxpayer that they have a debt and starts the countdown to aggressive Collection Action. It is followed up with another CP notice and eventually leads to either a IRS Wage Garnishment or a Bank Levy. These notices should not be ignored, as they also start the IRS collecting interest on the back tax amount, which with the penalties associated with it, can run into thousands of additional dollars that the taxpayer has to eventually pay. After lull IRS getting more aggressive.

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