October 26, 2020 - Douglas Myser

Trumps taxes expose criminal truth. A series of recent reports on President Donald Trump's finances raises reasonable questions about whether Trump may have committed criminal conduct in the course of tax evasion. It may be why he wanted to keep it hidden, after promising in the election campaign for President to provide his tax returns, then going back on that promise. Yet the fallout exposes a glaring reality of the current criminal justice system, and what Joe Biden would do about it---namely, the escalating financial crime wave that has wreaked havoc throughout the country, one that has been exacerbated by the convenient disinterest and ineptitude of the current president's Department of Justice. Trumps taxes expose criminal truth.

A robust body of evidence indicates that the level of financial crime in our country is at an all time high. Last year, the Federal Trade Commission estimated that 40 million Americans had been victims of mass market consumer fraud in 2017--an increase of more than 50 percent from six years prior. Those with forgiven debt may need Tax Resolution. Earlier this year, the FBI's annual report on internet crime concluded that 2019 "saw both the highest number of complaints and the highest dollar losses reported" in 20 years--"with more than $3.5 billion" in reported dollar losses. A study from the university of Pennsylvania's Institute for Law and Economics--drawing on about two decades of government data-argued that crime at financial institutions has been "on the rise".   As all of this has been happening, there has also been a remarkable collapse in the Justice Department's pursuit of white collar crime. According to data maintained by Syracuse University that spans more than 30 years, the Justice Department's number of white collar prosecutions has repeatedly hit all times lows during the Trump tenure. To be sure, these problems didn't all start on Trump's watch--as law professor Jennifer Taub explains in her new book Big Dirty Money-- but they have gotten markedly worse.

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