If you have a Seattle IRS Wage Garnishment from the IRS or State of Washington Revenue Department, you have probably received multiple notices from them asking you to either file past due tax returns, or make arrangements to pay the debt they say you owe. If you are dealing with a Seattle IRS Wage Garnishment anywhere in the State of Washington we can and will fix your problem. It is only after multiple notices have been sent by the IRS or Washington Revenue Department, with no response, that a Seattle IRS Wage Garnishment happens. IF you have not filed tax returns and think that is a way to escape being hit by the Tax Man, think again. They will file a SFR, or what is know as a Substitute for Return, which will cause an assessment of tax, then they can go after you.

Any tax agency that files a SFR will cause your tax debt to go up higher than it has to because they will not have any of your deduction information, ore expenses, and sometimes the IRS will not even give you own personal exemption amount. That means you will be taxed on an amount that is significantly higher than if the returns are filed correctly. With the IRS they start sending out CP letters that are nice at first, then become more aggressive, until they go after your paycheck, bank account, or both, and put a tax lien on your Social Security number, denying you credit, or the ability to sell anything with your Social Security number attached to it, like your house. Seattle IRS Wage Garnishment help is just a phone call away. 1-888-689-7861


Once the Seattle IRS Wage Garnishment is placed by either the IRS or State of Washington, and that taxpayer contacts us for help, we will make the removal of the Wage Garnishment our number one priority. As the Fourth Oldest Tax Resolution Services firm in America, and the Oldest in the State of Washington, we know how to address these issues. An IRS or State of Washington Tax Garnishment can be very stressful, cause relationship issues, loss of a job, or dissolution of a business. We know how important these are to our clients, have heard the cries for help, as taxpayers have cried over the phone while speaking to us. We didn’t get to be a peer recommended, A+ Better Business Bureau rated 36 year Tax Resolution Services Company, by not caring for our clients. In fact, its that level of service that results in the calls of thanks we receive from clients over an over again.


We have the ability to Represent clients worldwide, so no matter where you are in the State of Washington, we have had clients there before. We are able to take cases to Tax Court if needed for our Washington State clients. We helped the industry change 36 years ago form taking the entire fee upfront, the old business model, to charging a reasonable retainer fee along with two other companies who did the same, and changed how reputable companies in this industry now charge fees upfront. Our Tax Professionals are a Higher Grade than 98% of the Tax Resolution Services firms in America. and the results speak week in and week out for our clients. Call us and see what Superior Tax Resolution Services is about. You will be glad you did. Seattle IRS Wage Garnishment is a phone call away, call today and get relief form your Wage Garnishment. 1-888-689-7861


Once you contact us for help, we will address your problem by first of all filing a Power of Attorney with the appropriate tax agency, then do a “Tax History” to order your tax transcripts and find out everything the tax agency has on file for you. Then if we have to file your tax returns, we will do that, and then begin the process of determining every option in the tax code, to see if you qualify for any reductions in the amount you owe. But during the entire process, the first thing we will do is figure out what we have to do to deal with your Wage Garnishment. Seattle IRS Wage Garnishment Experts we are, serving the entire State of Washington for 36 years. Use our experience to untangle the knot of your tax problem, and find a permanent solution. Your Seattle IRS Wage Garnishment solution is just a phone call and free tax consultation away. Call today. 1-888-689-7861


If you are going to have a tax debt, and are scared of filing your tax returns, be glad you are reading this, as we have helped thousands to handle this in a stress free way. Its simpler than you think and we will guide you thru this process so that you do it stress free. When people start this process they need to understand that multiple ways exist for handling a tax debt. Don’t buy the hype from the TV commercials trying to sell you a load of BS. That was going on years ago and a few bad apples still do that. We keep track of the companies that are involved in Tax Resolution and if you want to hear the right way to solve this problem of yours call us. By the end of the call you will probably be like the multitude of callers we get who tell us, “Your approach actually makes sense. The other companies we spoke to sounded like salespeople”. As the Fourth Oldest Tax Resolution Services firm in America, making your problem go away makes our day. Your Seattle IRS Wage Garnishment problems can be solved. Start no matter where in the State of Washington you are. Call today 1-888-689-7861

If you are in the County of Walla Walla, Skamania, Lincoln, Okanogan, Skagit, Snohomish, Kitsap or Klickitat, Seattle IRS Wage Garnishment serves your county. Adams, Douglas, Franklin, Wahkiakum, Whatcom, and Yakima, Lewis, Mason, Grays Harbor County, Asotin, Chelan, Clark, Cowlitz, along with San Juan and Spokane Counties all fall in the area Seattle IRS Wage Garnishment services. Thurston, Whitman, Pend Oreille, Jefferson, Garfield, and Ferry, Stevens, Pierce, King, Kittitas and Island, even Columbia, Clallam, and Benton are serviced by Seattle IRS Wage Garnishment. Serving the entire State of Washington for 36 years. Call for a free consultation today. 1-888-689-7861