March 15, 2022 - Douglas Myser

The tax season from hell. The IRS has been underfunded for several years, and with the Congress making them oversee the Covid stimulus rollout, deal with ever increasing tax refund fraud, and identity theft, not to mention two Presidents who had major tax law changes that had to go into the tax code, is it any wonder that the IRS is now behind 17.5 million tax returns from the last two years. Add to that the fact that they are re-tooling the oldest computer system in the entire government, and you end up with an agency that has both the President and Congress calling for increased funding to stop the problems at the agency. The National Tax Practitioner stated in a report to Congress, that in 2021 only 12 percent of the people who called in to the IRS ever reached someone. The tax season from hell.

So taxpayers can expect refunds delays, delays on tax filing, and delays on correspondence to the IRS, where they are also behind. The agency did just recently get authorization to add 10,000 people to the workforce the close the gap quickly. Add to that the re-positioning of some of the workforce to get the unprocessed work caught up. Congress is also considering additional funding for the IRS to add even more people down the road.

If you have a tax debt or issue, and need help, if you want to cut thru the IRS Red Tape, another way is the utilize the resources of a good Tax Resolution Services Company. They have phone numbers to the IRS that are not available to the general public, and can get things done much faster. If you have recently received notice of a IRS Wage Garnishment, and want to explore options for Tax Relief, by a Professional Tax Representative, such as the IRS Fresh Start Program, check the back links for helpful information.