Phoenix Tax Resolution Services


Phoenix Tax Resolution Services

Tax Resolution Services for Phoenix, and in fact for Arizona, should entail all tax debts, both IRS and State, at the same time. Most outcomes are best when handled at the same time. Whether you live in Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Glendale, Scottsdale, or Gilbert, if you want the best result, you should get help with both your IRS and State tax problem, if you have a dual IRS and State tax debt, at the same time.

Resolving Your Tax Resolution

When handled separately, one tax resolution alone can cause problems for the other, if handled at different times, and under different circumstances. As a rule, you should get both fixed at the same time. Luckily, we can take both of your tax problems and forge ahead with a custom, tailor made solution, providing you with permanent tax relief.


Our services include Wage and Bank Garnishment help, levy help, tax liens, Offer in Compromise, Innocent Spouse, Penalty Abatement, Special Help for Business Owners with Payroll and Withholding tax issues, Trust Fund Penalty issues, Appeals before the Appeals Office of the IRS, Freedom of Information requests, Tax Transcript Request obtained without contacting the Collection Division of the IRS, and other tax services.

Since the Great Recession of 2008, we have helped countless taxpayers re-build their lives by providing them with the correct options for moving forward in solving their tax issues. It is not enough to simply get tunnel vision hoping you qualify for a large reduction in what you owe, not willing to accept any solution other than “your solution” defined by what you want, not what the Internal Revenue  Code dictates will in fact happen. When you do that, you set yourself up for someone telling you that will happen over the phone, when in fact that cannot be determined over the phone.

Determining Your Options

We had a client in Atlanta. The husband called, stated they owed nearly $130,000. We suggested that they allow us to determine their options based on a complete analysis of the family’s financials. He stated that another company said they could submit an Offer in Compromise for $15,000 and wanted to know if we could do the same.

We asked him if he had submitted financials and he said no. We explained that it could not be done over the phone, and further more than he might have other options that would work better. He said he wanted to speak to his wife, then called back himself and again said, “Unless you can do the same as the other company, why would we go with you?” We again explained that it could not be done over the phone, and he said, your suggesting they are lying, and we said, “yes”.

After speaking with his wife, they became clients, as his better half was apparently the wiser half. Once we obtained the financials, we determined that their ability to pay the IRS exceeded the debt they had. They had assets and ability to pay, and would not even qualify for a $128,000 offer in compromise.

But our clients were tickled pink in the end, as we found mistakes in the original filing of the returns, and were able to reduce their debt by over $78,000 !!!  Had they filed an Offer in Compromise they would have wasted the fees that company wanted, about a year to find out they lied, and may never have found out the correct solution to their tax problem. Only by determining every option, will you make the correct decision.

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