August 15, 2017 - Douglas Myser


Tax Resolution Services history. The tax resolution services history started nearly 30 years ago when a few individuals in the United States found and researched the IRS Revenue Code, and realized that tax relief options existed for both individuals and business owners who owed back tax debts. It was an eye opener for them, as they realized that millions of Americans were not aware that these options existed, neither was the tax industry, including most CPA's, Enrolled Agents, and even few Tax Attorney's. In fact, most IRS Revenue Agent's didn't even know these options existed, because the IRS Revenue Code is thousands of pages in length, and few went to the trouble of reading all of it. Thus, tax resolution services history started. Tax Resolution Services history. 

So for decades, millions of Americans languished in the fact that they were paying more in tax that they had to, unbeknownst to them. Not having that information could have been the difference to those taxpayers of savings for a child's education or having the ability to put a down payment on a home. But without that irs-fresh-start-program knowledge, the ability to do  that never occurred. So the tax resolution services industry was born to solve such problems and provide solutions for both individual taxpayers and business owners, who need options for certain tax situations.


The problem at this particular point in time in tax resolution services history, was their were very few tax resolution services companies to hire. The company I started for was an Offer in Compromise mill, and I left after I figured out what they were doing was unethical. It was a sale, whether or not people actually qualified didn't matter. The other main companies at that time did the same thing and are also out of business. These companies all operated under the same principles, charge the entire fee upfront, sale the Offer in Compromise, then deal with complaints down the road. When the complaints became so large that the word got out, they simply formed a new company, and the regulatory agencies and Better Business Bureau would wipe the slate clean.

In fact, at this point in time, the IRS website didn't even exist. So no one had the ability to look up the information regarding IRS options for dealing with back tax debts. Getting tax relief seemed like a distant dream to most individuals who owed the IRS back taxes. yet tax relief was possible, if you had the knowledge. At that point in time, the only way to obtain it, was to find the IRS Revenue Code and look it up. That could be a daunting task, as the Internal Revenue Code has over 80,000 pages of Revenue Code. So simply finding what you would need could take you months, if you didn't know what you were doing, or where to look.

In the tax resolution services history point of time that the IRS website actually came about, two things happened to dramatically help taxpayers across the United States. Knowledge of tax relief options began to make its way into the heartland of America thru two avenues of distribution. The first was the IRS website, , and the second was the increase in tax resolution companies, many started by individuals disillusioned with the original companies who were "Offer in Compromise Mills", and not real Professional Tax Companies. Between these two channels of information, the needed knowledge was funneled, slowly across the 50 States to eager taxpayers, fulfilling a need for tax relief options.

Unfortunately, several of these Tax Resolution Services companies were started by individuals who decided to use the same business model as the original founders of the industry, becoming "Offer in Compromise Mills", instead of Professional Tax Companies. American Tax was one such company. I actually called this company and pretended to be a taxpayer looking for help, suggested to them that my assets were more than my tax debt, and the response was, You Qualify for an Offer in Compromise, just send us $4000 upfront today !

Which brings us to where the Tax Resolution Services history is today. Tax Resolution Services history exist because taxpayers have life situations that take the best made plans and turn them upside down. Recovering from the financial wreck of those situations can take years. Having options for getting back on ur feet makes sense for those individuals and for the economy as a whole, and for our nation as we would rather have them eventually paying taxes again, as opposed to needing welfare. How to secure your financial future, by cutting the number of years you have to deal with a back tax debt. That is what the future of tax resolution services history should look like.

As time goes on, as the good companies that are trying to set the standard in this industry gain more and more traction, the memories of the old "Offer in Compromise Mills" can finally vanish, and hopefully, even the newer companies will see the light and realize that having a business model built solely on profit, without the corresponding customer service that should go along with it, is not the way to go. Then our industry can grow even further, and our tax resolution services history can become what it should have been from day one.  Those companies that changed from one company to another due to the number of complaints in the beginning of the industry, unfortunately have a few followers today. Call us and we will let you know who they are.

Federal Tax Resolution has never wiped the slate clean. We have been in business for 36 years and like our Tax Resolution history. We were one of the first three companies to charge a small retainer fee, then accept payments from clients, confident that our work would earn our customers trust. By doing that, the business model of charging the entire fee upfront was changed, allowing thousands to obtain tax resolution services, who otherwise could not afford to.