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Federal or State tax lien’s give the IRS or State a legal claim to property the taxpayer owns, equal to the amount of the tax debt owed. It is filed in the County Courthouse, and is public information. It will damage your Credit Report, and hamper your ability to get credit. The purpose of a tax lien is to prevent you from selling or borrowing on any of your assets. It takes away your rights to ownership of the property. If nothing is done about your tax liability, the IRS eventually will seize the asset and sell them at auction.

This doesn’t happen overnight. The IRS or State tax agency will first notify you by mail, and only after you have not communicated with them, after several letters have been sent to you, will they place a lien on your property. It is best to formulate a game plan for dealing with your IRS or State tax debt, and the best way to do that, is to learn every option you have for dealing with your tax problem.


Under certain circumstances the IRS will release a IRS Tax Lien. We always suggest that prior to attempting that, it is best to know your options. The reason for that is simple, if you had a lien on your property, and were only interested in getting it released, you might be able to do that, without also pursuing an option you might have, for lowering your tax debt. But is that the best way to go?  The release of a tax lien should be part of an overall solution to a tax problem. It shouldn’t be the only focus.

If you have equity in your property, but have a IRS tax lien, which is preventing you from paying your taxes, we can help. The process of getting to your equity does not have to be a tiresome, and long, drawn out process, if you know what to do. We do. We can help you get to your equity under certain circumstances. This should only be looked at, in the context of an overall solution to your tax debt problem.

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