August 7, 2022 - Douglas Myser

Republicans and Democrats at odds. It seems that one of the biggest differences of opinion between Democrats and Republicans is over funding the IRS, to collect more money to stem the deficit and to catch the Tax Cheats that the Pandora Papers and Panama Papers outlined in recent years. It seems like the rich, who typically vote more towards the Republicans, have influenced them enough to get the Republicans to deny with frivolous arguments for reasons that the IRS should not be fully funded. All of these arguments miss the point that the IRS last year, according to the National Taxpayer Advocate's office, only answered 11% of all calls made to the IRS. They have been under funded for a decade, and cracks are starting to show. Republicans and Democrats at odds.

Democrats have ditched their hope for bigger tax rates on the wealthy and corporations, instead giving in to the political reality of what can be passed through reconciliation, which is a minimum corporate tax rate and stricter enforcement of the tax laws. Just the idea of a IRS crackdown on tax evasion, has prompted a angry response from Republicans. The Inflation Reduction Act, which Democrats are trying to get passed, would boost the IRS budget by $80 billion, with more than half of that going towards enforcement and $3 billion of it for improved customer service. Republicans and Democrats at odds.

"This is an agency that has only answered about one out of every 50 phone calls during the 2021 tax season," Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) said on the Senate floor. "Yet 4% of the $80 billion is going to taxpayer services--57% goes to enforcement, so that the IRS can spend more time harassing taxpayers around this country."

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