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Getting IRS Tax Help can be easy if you have a Seasoned Tax Professional. The process can be seamless, significantly less painful, and take less time. If you become a Federal Tax Resolution client, several forms for representation are on this page. You will be instructed on which forms are needed at the appropriate time. Being in business for 26 years, we understand that a certain percentage of individuals simply cannot afford our services. Even though we were one of the first companies to offer a small retainer fee, which allowed thousands to get Tax Relief services, who over wise could not afford an upfront fee. Some of the Tax Relief options we deal with, not all, are listed on this page, with the link to the form needed at the IRS.

Over the years we have had countless individual and business clients call us up and tell us, I spoke to you two years ago but tried this on my own. I wish I had gone with you then. I am in the same boat, owe more money, and have dealt with so much stress because of this, please help. That’s ok too. We will be here if you are unsuccessful yourself, and will be glad to help.

When you need Tax Resolution Services that you can count on, call us for a free Tax Resolution consultation. We are a 26 year old Tax Resolution Services company, making us one of the oldest Tax Resolution Companies in America. Tax Resolution is in our name. Competitor referred.

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