March 2, 2022 - Douglas Myser

IRS starts new page for tax filing season. The IRS has launched a new resource page on its website located at IRS.GOV, with the latest details and information for taxpayers during this hectic and unprecedented tax filing season. Its unprecedented because the IRS has never entered a tax season before, with so many back tax returns to file and catch up on. The estimate from the tax payer advocate was that the IRS was behind nearly 18 million tax returns from last year. So they have taken a portion of their workforce and re-allocated them to working on tax returns. In addition, they are setting up a webpage with additional information for taxpayers to get help on. Go to the IRS website for more information. IRS starts new page for tax filing season.

During this tax season, taxpayers face a number of issues due to critical law changes that took place in 2021 and ongoing challenges related to the pandemic. To raise awareness about these issues and provide people with the latest timely information, the IRS has created a special tax season web page. This page will provide people with a quick overview of information to help people filing tax returns as well as those who have previous year tax returns awaiting processing by the IRS. The page will include the latest tax filing season updates. The IRS began tax season on January 24th, and in less than two weeks more than 4 million tax refunds have gone out worth $10 billion. And that may seem like alot, but if they did not have to allocate resources to catching up the back taxes from 2021, it would be substantially more. The page does not give help for those who have a IRS Wage Garnishment, or if you are one with a large tax debt, and want to explore the IRS Fresh Start Program. Click the links for for information on those options.