August 22, 2022 - Douglas Myser

IRS has new five year transformation plan. The IRS was developing a plan to modernize its agency, even before the Inflation Reduction Act gave it the funds it needed to carry out the plan. The IRS for years has had the oldest computer system in the entire U.S. Government, and carrying out its missions with that system was becoming problematic. With the last 12 years of budget cuts, mostly due to Republican opposition, under the guise of the IRS targeting political groups, but really due to protecting the wealthy from tax audits, the budget to the IRS has been decimated for years. Then came Covid and the government lock down, and the IRS fell behind 24 million tax returns, then Congress heard it from it taxpayers and had enough. The increased funding will allow the IRS to modernize and hire 87,000 new employees. That will take time to build them up and train them, but the process is now underway. IRS has new five year transformation plan.

What changes will happen and when ? First of all the IRS will start hiring to ramp up its workforce. That is starting now and will take several years to be completed. It is estimated that in the next six years, nearly 50,000 IRS employees will be eligible for retirement, how many choose to do so remains unknown. But replacing them with the new 87,000 will not only ramp up the workforce, but bring in a new, modern IRS. The IRS wants to transform itself into a technologically efficient and modern government agency, with the resources to handle all the chores given to it by Congress. And then they plan to seriously ramp up enforcement as nearly $500 billion a year is not being collected that could be used for increasing out nations competitiveness. IRS has new five year transformation plan.

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