June 7, 2022 - Douglas Myser

Investment world to try to help environment. With the U.S. Congress completely at loggerheads over climate change, unable to do anything due to opposite views, the Investment Companies of the world have decided to take the lead. The public advocacy group "As You Sow" is going after market fund index funds, which by their nature invest in fossil fuel companies. They are concentrating on a public awareness campaign, designed to make sure the public aware that they may be adding to climate change if they invest in certain mutual funds. The strategy may work, as not only can the stock prices of the companies these mutual funds invest in cause the investment to grow or lose money, but the size of the fund itself can, as a bigger fund can get better leveraged deals for the fund than a smaller fund. If a large number pull out of a fund, over time its ability to attract new capital will be restricted. Investment world to try to help environment.

"As You Sow" is not advocating for simply adding an ESG option to the company's 401(k) plan investment roster, but rather replace low cost index funds with high cost ESG funds as the plan default. They contend that dropping fossil fuel companies would allow investors to reduce risk and earn higher returns, while supporting socially beneficia practices and outcomes. So what happens now / The ultimate outcome is whether people wan to really push forward with a green agenda or whether the vast majority of people are just paying lip service to its idea. That also goes for the government leaders of most of the world's countries. Ideas like this only gain traction when people get behind them.

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