July 8, 2022 - Douglas Myser

Climate change Biden solar and tariffs. Auxin Solar, a U.S. Manufacturer of solar modules, field a complaint with the Commerce Department, which is responsible for enforcing the tariffs on solar, claiming that the solar manufacturers in Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam are making an end around the tariffs on Chinese photovoltaic cells. Imports from those countries accounted for 85% of all imported U.S solar power capacity installed in 2021 and 99% of solar imports in the first two months of this year, according to an analysis. Companies that provide solar panels to U.S. customers say their business has been thrown for a loop. Climate change Biden solar and tariffs.

"It makes deploying solar simply just more difficult and more expensive," Gabe Phillips, CEO of Catalyst Power, a retail energy provider and solar developer, stated. "On the distributed solar side, the pricing's all over the place. They can't commit to pricing. They'll give me a price, with the caveat that it's contingent on the outcome of this case. It's stymied the sales process." Apart from the uncertainty in pricing, the process of providing a customer with solar energy has become fractured. When the SEIA surveyed its members, 83% reported that purchases had recently been canceled or delayed. "At the moment, the products we're seeking to market have been pushed back at least a quarter in time. There's less expectations of panel availability and therefore dates for projects are being pushed back."

The White House declined to comment on the record, noting that it does not get involved in legal proceedings such as the current Commerce Department investigation, but it reiterated the president's commitment to deploying solar power.

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