August 4, 2022 - Douglas Myser

Gig bill disguised as freedom bill. Most all of the Gig workers, especially those who are driving Uber, Lyft, Door Dash, are people who are not making much per hour, after you determine the expenses and wear and tear on the vehicle they operate. In fact, those companies keep the large majority of profits of the rides that pay them. It is amazing that other smaller companies that could undercut them, and charge less and give their drivers more, have not muscled into that market. The large majority of those drivers have been displaced, or have no other job opportunities and drive for ends meat. Gig bill disguised as freedom bill.

A bill that was introduced by Rep. Henry Cuellar of Texas, would change the classification system, so those drivers would undercut the basic tenant of worker laws in America, that being a minimum wage. The IRS determines status, and says you by doing what you are doing and how you are doing it, are an employee or an independent contractor. They have several common sense rules that determine that. This bill wants to undermine those rules for one reason, it would allow those companies to pay those workers less money. It is nicely packed as a Freedom Bill. It is call the "Workers Flexibility and Choice Act". It should be called the race to bottom so we can make slaves out of the discarded and hopeless people act. Now you may think this is a political argument, but its not really. Its an argument in favor of the way the IRS has been designating employee or independent contractor for along time, and it works quite well. GIg bill disguised as freedom bill.

And if this bill was actually designed to change how status is determined by the IRS, why does it only limit it to Gig Workers ? Why would you change the status for some type of workers, but not others ? That makes no sense and in fact will set up lawsuits if it passes, by every other group changing designation also. They would be able to that because this law is discriminatory in that it doesn't classify all workers this way. Do any of the sponsors of this bill have any stocks in these companies ?

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