November 25, 2022 - Douglas Myser

Will republicans use power to obstruct. With the House of Representatives a virtual lock at the mid-terms, and the Senate still up for grabs, one has to wonder if the threats by Republicans to obstruct if they cannot get their way, will come to fruition. The first thing they had discussed, was an Impeachment of President Biden. This is doomed to fail, as many Republicans think it is not what Americans want them to be doing, and are wondering what would be the legal basis. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has discussed cutting benefits to both Medicare and Social Security across the board and that seems unlikely, as its a political landmine, and most Republicans know it. That doesn't mean it won't be attempted, but its unlikely to get the needed votes, even among McCarthy's own party, for a consensus, leading to a passable bill. Will republicans use power to obstruct.

Then the showdown over the budget will also define whether this Congress and Biden's last two years in office, turn into a lame duck and obstructionist Congress. Republicans, under President Trump, were eager to pass massive tax cuts for the rich, which swelled the deficit by a whopping 8 trillion dollars, but then turned around under Biden and lamented runaway government spending under a Democrat. The change in voting and policy is more than interesting, its quite disturbing, and nothing more than a blatant power grab. Which makes one wonder, is the outcry over the deficit real and do the Republicans really stand for cutting spending, or is the most needy in society they are cutting back on, while they again then to try to get the Trump Tax Cuts codified into the law. Any questions about these Trump Tax cuts can be addressed by a Tax Resolution Company. Those same tax cuts were responsible for the largest increase in the debt of any President in the history of the United States.