May 13, 2021 - Douglas Myser

Why many rich backing up Biden. It has been a long held idea that most rich people generally support Republicans due to the fact that Republicans want lower taxes and Democrats spend more on social programs. And for some time that was true. Republicans since Ronald Reagan sold the idea that trickle down economics was the best economic model around, and the herds all followed along. Well that came crashing to the ground when the economic crisis hit, Lehman Brothers collapse, and the destruction of hundreds of thousands of home owners mortgages, and the resulting economic collapse. It took a decade to dig out of that hole, and I doubt America will ever have the confidence in Wall Street that they did prior to that point in time. Why many rich backing up Biden.

Yet history can be our greatest teacher, or we can ignore it and repeat the mistakes of the past, which humans tend to do. After seeing so many Americans over the last several decades left homeless, without insurance, destitute, standing on corners begging for food money, I truly believe the conscious of America was aching. Too much sadness at what had become the shining city on the hill, as Reagan once said, turned into a dark and sad place. Yet Americans know that we have the potential for change, that things are not constant, and when Joe Biden proposed taxing the rich, to increase Social Spending programs that had been ignored for decades, America said yes. Enough of the past, enough suffering by those standing on street corners.

If the riot on the Capital was not the sounding board for change, then certainly seeing the slow destruction our our society has been. As a good friend of mine told me, Change in America happens, sometime slowly, but it does happen. America just needed the right messenger to come along and say lets get this done. Whatever you think of Joe BIden,, the fact that America voted for him, and he tapped into that underlying angst of suffering that has gone unanswered for so long, tells me that the foundational building block of our re-birth is here. For without acknowledging the suffering of our fellow citizens, and trying to address that, we can never again be that shining city on the hill.